Importanct Notice & Invitation:

Dear Friends in Christ (Pastors/Preachers/Elders/Believers),
  Greetings to you in the Name of Lord Jesus. With imense joy we would like to let you know that, by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ the simple and meaning based translation of the Gospel of Luke has been finished. So, its trial publication has been set.
        Hence, we humbly request you, please do note that, along with praying in the church for the successful dedication of the said "NOBO Odia Luke Gospel", please do come and participage in the said program. Thanks!
Date: 23 April 2022
Time: Morning 9.30 AM
Venue: A. G. Church, Ekamra Villa, Bhubaneswar

In Lord's serrvice,
NOBO Bible Translaion Team
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We welcome you all to NOBO Bible website.

In this website, you can find detail about 'NOBO Bible' that is being translated. Here, you can read and give your opinion to the books that has been completed.

Along with that, here you can also watch, listen and read other Christian literature in Odia language. We hope, this things will be a blessing for you.



NOBO Translator Appointment-NOTICE:
Dear Prayer Partners, well-wishers and supporters, Greetings!

We, the NOBO (New Outreach Bible in Odia) Translation Team, are very grateful to God for the progress in dynamic translation of His Word into Odia. Looking at the pressing need of giving the whole Bible to the unschooled, unchurched and unreached people of Odisha, we seek to expand our capacity by adding more members to the translation team. Hence, we send out this notice for suitable candidate to apply for the vacancy as per the following criteria.

For more information click on this link or the pdf document attached on the right.